Nottingham Zen Group

Nottingham Zen Dojo
Nottingham Zen Dojo

The Nottingham Zen Group meets up every Sunday morning at a private house in Arnold, Nottingham. We practice zazen and then have the morning ceremony where we offer incense and chant together.

A Brief History



Shin Yu Claire Ruddick

Our group was founded on the 15th January 2017 by Shin Yu Claire Ruddick who is the responsible for the group.

She began her practice at the Manchester Dojo in 2003 and took Bodhisattva ordination in 2007.

In 2017 she was ordained as a nun by Mokuho Guy Mercier who is the head of the Lanau Zen Centre in France.

Mokuho Guy Mericer is the referent for the Nottingham group. Mokurei Jan Pearse of the Hokkai Dojo  provides the support for the Nottingham group here in the UK.