Summer Camps at La Gendronniere

La Gendronniere Zen Temple
La Gendronniere Zen Temple

The temperatures are rising and the days are getting longer which must mean…

It’s nearly time for the La Gendronniere summer camps.

La Gendronniere Zen Temple was founded by Taisen Deshimaru in 1980. It is the largest soto zen temple outside Japan and is located in Valaire, France.

There will be  6 sessions.

My master and the referent for the Nottingham Zen Group Mokuho Guy Mercier will be leading the 2nd Sesshion 8th-16th July. (English Translation)

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Wells-next-the-Sea Zen Dojo

Wells-next-the-Sea Dojo Altar
Wells-next-the-Sea Altar

Two years ago I visited Jan and the Wells-next-the-Sea Zen Dojo for the first time. It was a journey that would change my life forever!

I’m now a nun. Guy Mercier is my master, Jan is my mentor and Nottingham now has its own Zen group.

What a journey!

Wells Zen Dojo Quakers Friends Meeting House
Wells Quakers Meeting House

A Brief History

Mokurei Jan Pearse started the Wells-Next-The-Sea Zen group in the Quakers meeting house in 1991. In 2009 the basement of the same building became the full time venue, Hokkai Dojo (North Ocean Dojo).

Mokurei Jan Pearse
Mokurei Jan Pearse

Jan is a senior nun from the British Sangha and the responsible. She began practicing with Nanshin Nancy Amphoux in 1990 and was ordained as a nun in 1996 by Shogen Jean Baby.

Wells-next-the-Sea Zen Dojo
Hokkai Dojo

I come back to the Hokkai Dojo and practice with Jan as often as I can. It’s a lovely dojo and I love hearing Jan teach. I always feel at peace here and I always return to Nottingham feeling inspired.

There is something very special about this little dojo!






Visit to the Wells-next-the-Sea Dojo


This weekend I returned to a seaside town that will always hold a special place in my heart. Wells-next-the-Sea. A beautiful port on the north Norfolk coast and, more importantly to me, the home of the Wells-next-the-Sea Dojo.

Wells-next-the-Sea Pine Forest
Costal Pine Forest

There is a beautiful pine forest that runs along the coast and it is one of my favourite forests.  It comes a very close second behind Sherwood Forest (of course!). I always try to make time to come here whenever I visit. I think there is just something about the sea air, the soft sandy soil and these beautiful trees that is just so uplifting.

Wells-next-the-sea coast
Wells-next-the-Sea Coast

After spending some time just wandering through the trees I headed out onto the soft sandy beach. I sat for a while and watched the tide coming in before taking off my shoes and walking barefoot through the sand to the waters edge. I even had a quick paddle in the sea. Something I’ve not done for many years!

The Wells-next-the-Sea Coastline

I had a wonderful afternoon soaking up the seaside and a bit of sun on occasion too. It would soon be time for zazen so I shook off as much sand as I could, put my shoes back on and headed back into the town. After a brisk walk I stepped back into the Wells-next-the-Sea Dojo just in time for evening zazen. This is true joy!