We are a group of Soto Zen Buddhists, in the tradition and lineage of Master Taisen Deshimaru. Every Sunday morning we meet up in Arnold to practice zazen meditation together.

If you are interested in Zen, in Buddhism, or just in meditation practice and mindfulness, we invite you to practice with us and experience for yourself the Zen Buddhist path and deepen your practice and understanding of the Buddha way.

Soto Zen Buddhism is a school of Buddhism founded by Eihei Dogen and Keizan Jokin in 13th century Japan. Soto Zen is zazen meditation, ‘silent sitting’. We make our best effort in each instant and practice without goal or profit seeking. The Buddha way is a deep spiritual practice that goes beyond our personal selves, beyond our wants and our desires. To practice zazen without goal, ‘with mushotoku mind’, is to be in harmony with all things. It is to find true peace in our lives.

Zazen is at 10.30am each Sunday in Arnold. If you’ve never sat zazen before, please arrive half an hour early so we can introduce you to the practice.

Nottingham zafu on zafuton
Zafu on a Zafuton

For your own comfort, please wear dark loose-fitting clothing.

Sunday Morning Schedule


• 10.00 – 10.30 Introductions (Help with posture)

• 10.30 – 11.00 Zazen

• 11.00 – 11.05  Kinhin (Walking meditation)

• 11.05 – 11.35  Zazen

• 11.35 – 12.00 Morning Ceremony


The Nottingham Zen Group is affiliated to the International Zen Association UK. For more information about the Association and Zen in the UK, please see http://www.izauk.org/.

Find us


The Nottingham Zen Group is located at the…

Nottingham Contemporary Cafe, Weekday Cross, Nottingham, NG1 2GB

A short 2 min walk from the Lace Market tram stop.

For further information or directions please contact us…

Email – nottinghamzen@outlook.com
Tel – 07472 636746


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Buddha - zazen practice

Next Zazen Practice


  • We are currently closed while we move to our new location.  Please contact us for more information.

New to our practice? Please contact us to arrange an introduction.

News and Events

What’s On and What’s Happening

The Nottingham Zen Group will be re-opening on the 6th January 2018!

We are moving to a new location in Nottingham city centre and we will now be meeting at the Nottingham Contemporary Cafe on Sunday evenings at 5pm-6.30pm.

Interested in joining us for zazen practice?

Introductions are given on the first Sunday of each month.







Authentic means something that is true and when I speak about authenticity in Zen, I am speaking about our own direct experience of true nature. Buddha taught us that in order to realise our own true nature it is necessary to practice zazen meditation as it is something that is beyond words and concepts and …

The Matriarchs

During the morning ceremony at the Nottingham Zen Group we chant the names of the Zen Patriarchs. This is something which is done daily at Zen temples and also during a sesshin. We do this out of deep respect and gratitude to the ‘fathers’ who have transmitted this practice to us. On Sunday 11th June …